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SM Accounts: 3
Instant posting
Shortener integration
Automation tools: limited
RSS feeds: 3
E-mail notifications: limited
E-mail support
$99 monthly
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SM Accounts: 10
Publishing approvals
Bulk scheduling
Native video sharing
Automation tools: basic
Content archive
RSS feeds: 5
Custom link shortening
Team members: 5
E-mail notifications
$199 monthly
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Solution for every Business. Do less. Get more.

SM Accounts: 15
Multiple feeds integration
Evergreen content scheduler
Video storage
Automation Tools: Advanced
Custom publishing templates
A/B Testing
Team Members: 10
Shortener integration
Dedicated online support
Custom user permissions
Custom e-mail notifications
E-mail support
$399 monthly
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Unlimited SM Accounts
Unlimited scheduling
Multiple content sources
Unlimited content storages
Advanced automation tools
Dynamic content strategies
Overview report for FB pages
Customized tracking code
Unlimited team members
Performance-Based models: CPC, CPL, CPA, CPI
Statistics: Advanced
Dedicated Online Support & Moderation
Custom User Permissions
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