Automate your
Social Media strategy

More social traffic with less work

Fully or partially automate any segment of the publishing flow:

  • Smart content selection
  • Engaging and aesthetic post creation
  • Intelligent post scheduling and publishing
  • Real-time monitoring and insights
  • AI based optimizations to increase ROI

Publish what matters

We automate relevant content selection by using sophisticated business rules and filters.

Customize post content to fit your social strategy

We automate custom post creation by combining content from different sources:

  • Evergreen content archives
  • 3rd party articles or viral content from the web

"The true purpose
of good technology...

...is to free people from manual tasks, leaving more time for creativity.
Focus on your Social Media Strategy. Be creative.

TargetingS Platform will do the rest. "

Increase engagement
with stand-out posts

Our platform uses templates to create visually appealing post formats adjusted to the targeted social network.

Automate with any level of editorial control

  • If you prefer to control your publishing flow, use our scheduled posts view to select the posts of your choice. With this approach, only the approved posts will be published.

Measure your success

We collect a wide range of publishing analytic data to help your social media team adjust the publishing strategy.

  • Easily identify your most efficient content
  • Monitor all social publishing activities from multiple networks in one place
  • Access real time insights and analytics

Effortless boost your social media ROI

We use self-learning AI algorithms to constantly fine-tune the publishing flow for better results.

We analyze past publishing activity to select the most effective content categories and formats.

Customers / Use Cases:

  • Global and Local Publishers
  • Content Owners and Content Providers
  • Digital Agencies
  • E-commerce
  • Enterprises from various industries (Financial, Telecom, Distributors, Tourism, Gambling etc.)