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Like many publishers, Polina Shipkova, the talented Social media manager @ Cosmo Magazine in Russia, used to post 20 articles a day on Facebook, Twitter, and VKontakte.


Today, using TS platform, Polina is managing 8 social pages and over 240 posts every day. This has led to a 75% increase in followers and a 45% increase of clicks per post. The Cosmo users are happy, Polina is happy, and her Boss is extremely happy with the results:

120% Growth in social traffic within 10 months.

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Increase Social Traffic

monitorEven with a big social media team, managing large amounts of content is challenging. There is not enough time to publish content, manage pages, measure, analyze, and optimize all at once.

It is very hard, and sometimes impossible to successfully manage social media profiles without using sophisticated and productive publishing tools.


TargetingS is a Seattle based company run by a team of social media evangelists and technical gurus.

By using our expertise and TS content management platform, our clients publish the most visually bold and engaging content that maximizes referral traffic and engagement rates. The TS platform allows clients to manage hundreds of profiles and publish large amounts of content to various social networks and messengers including Facebook, Twitter, G+, Telegram, Vkontakte, Viber etc.

TS Platform – The first fully automated social media content management platform powered by AI (artificial intelligence).

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