About TargetingS

Take the power to automate a Social Content in your hands with TS Platform

We’ve spent five years testing our self-learning algorithm in order to deliver the best Social Media Optimization platform on the market.

We’re a Seattle-based company complete with technology loving geeks who would have spent more time playing outside if it were sunny, but fortunately for you we’ve dedicated our time, energy and passion to develop a solution that helps you use social media to increase your bottom line. Quality service is our main goal, so let us know how we can best serve you and we’ll get our talented, experienced team to help!

Our platform, powered by a self-learning algorithm, takes your site’s content and easily transforms it into visually appealing posts that get more engagement and clicks!

Targetings can help you:

Targetings platform is highly scalable and designed to support multiple companies and industries worldwide:

For big brands, non-profits, universities, digital agencies or publishers, Targetings helps optimize your social media to improve your business impact.

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