You will be in good company. Great companies trust TS Platform.

With users from all around the globe, the success of our customers continues to prove why TS Platform is the best choice for companies that are serious about social media.

Why do companies choose TS Platform?

Our customers understand that social media can shape the success of a business. Customers know that they need to best software available to excel. TS Platform enables customers to utilize all of their online opportunities in order to thrive on social media.

Customers receive tangible results and yield real business value through social media that consistently and continuously delivers optimized content, publishing, analytics, and more.

The following examples are a few of many in which TS Platform improves productivity, teamwork, and revenue over a range of company sizes:


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Publishers Client

A large media outlet needed a large-scale solution to significantly boost web-traffic from their social media channels. Prior to using TS Platform, this client sourced content by hand – a time consuming process in which publishing occurred at random time intervals and only when the social media team was available. The client’s main goals was to streamline social media workflow, boost web-traffic, and improve their KPIs. TargetingS aided this client to accomplish all of their goals in just a few short months. The social media team noted that Optimization has been so effective that they can’t believe they were ever without it.

After their first quarter, the client saw a 74% increase in web-traffic volume with numbers continuing to climb month after month reaching over a hundred percent after only half a year.

B2B / Verticals Client

A world leader in database migration and modernization sought a cost-effective solution to continue positioning the company as the industry thought-leader through strong social media channels. Prior to implementing TS Platform, their publishing flow was sporadic and their marketing team was spending significant amounts of time each day searching for relevant content to provide to viewers.

After implementing TS Platform, the marketing team was able to streamline their social media activity, reducing the curation time to minutes per day and achieve a continuous and consistent flow of highly engaging social media messages.


Small Business Client

Canadian “Dogs Daycare and Boarding House” is a small business with limited time and manpower to manage social media activity on a regular base. They were looking for an affordable and time-saving solution to fill their Facebook timeline with an uninterrupted flow of content to keep their existing local clients engaged and bring new potential clients from the area.

After Dogs Daycare starting using TS platform, their Facebook timeline was populated with continuous flow of highly targeted messages to resonate with their viewers. In a short period of time, “Dogs Daycare and Boarding House” clients began to communicate with them more and more through Facebook. As a result, the number of dog boarding and care reservations went up and owners are now spending significantly less time on searching for content to publish on their Facebook page and more on strengthening their business through social media communication with existing and new clients regarding reservations.