Targetings Features

Automate content creation

Aggregate content from multiple sources:
  • Online resources: articles, blogs, RSS feeds, Google Alerts
  • Hosted content archives
  • Native video gallery
Easily create and use dynamic content libraries:
  • Upload from CSV/Excel files
  • Recycle evergreen content. Extend the lifespan of the evergreen content that you spent so much time creating
Easily create an Bulk upload content from CSV/Excel files:
  • Use dynamic content libraries
  • Post large volume of content in just a few clicks
Setup custom business rules for content selection:
  • Create content streams applying filters on any content source
  • Set up business rules to convert content into targeted social media posts to increase conversions
  • Minimize effort and budget for content development
Automate content transformation and formatting:
  • Make every post stand out. Implement proprietary content scenarios
  • Ensure continuity of content flow

Scale curation and publishing

Manage multiple social channels and publish the same content simultaneously:
  • Maximize brand visibility by delivering relevant content to your target audiences on multiple social networks
  • Smart publishing composer
  • We support Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, Viber, and certain regional channels
Choose your level of engagement from manual posts to fully automated scheduling:
  • Define workflow rules: Automated Publishing, Manual Approval, or anything in between
Leverage content templates for manual publishing:
  • Template usage significantly speeds up publishing, making posts more visually/textually appealing.
Benefit from flexible publishing schedules:
  • Robust scheduling mechanism makes it easy to plan your social media strategy in advance
  • Schedule posts to an unlimited number of accounts and multiple networks
Collaborate with your team by managing user roles:
  • Define user roles management
  • Set granulated user permission
Stay tuned with the important publishing activity by enabling email notifications:
  • Set granulated user permission
  • Stay tuned. Receive real-time updates

Optimize publishing flow

A/B test content strategies:
  • Easily test any idea to see which one resonates with your audience and drive more traffic/engagement
  • Evaluate and optimize post formats, call to action messages, number of links, post size, and much more
Monitor publishing analytics and insights for all social media channels in one place:
  • Effectively measure your success. TS Platform provides you with both real-time and historical data and actionable insights
  • Direct your future social media strategy by utilizing the TS Platform’s real-time performance analytics
  • Identify which content resonates with your audience
Get better results constantly by utilizing our unique, real-time, self-learning algorithm:
  • Make data-driven decisions. TargetingS Platform utilizes proprietary developed effectiveness score shows the effectiveness of each post and marketing scenario

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