Measure and analyze

Effectively measure your success.

Direct your future social media strategy by utilizing the TS Platform’s real-time performance analytics.

Real-time insights and analytics

Understand how your social media endeavors are impacting viewers to act. Strategize based on performance data ranging from the macroscopic social media level to the specific post elements level.
TS Platform provides you with both real-time and historical data and actionable insight.

Monitor and Analyze Cross-Network Activity

Analyze data collected across multiple social media networks and accounts in one place. TS Platform automatically tracks activity on all of your profiles and presents it in a way you can easily utilize. Monitor detailed metrics regarding total social media performance to individual profile performance.

Easily identify your best content

Track individual or aggregate post performance based on viewer reach, clicks, engagement, and more. Identify which messages and content resonate with your audience.

Dashboard – Monitor social media activity across accounts, all in one place

Summarized activity information gives you quick insight into:

  • Social media profile performance
  • Detailed post analytics and performance