Post Enhancement

Make every post stand out. TS platform empowers you to engage your audience with content that is not only relevant, but also visually bold and stimulating.

It is sufficiently difficult to constantly provide relevant content to your audience, but making it eye-catching is even more so. With TS platform, you can easily create posts that will stand out on your followers’ timeline.

Compel your audience to read and take action!


Configure filtering rules of any complexity. There are no restrictions to how you can dice your content to get the most relevant content for your audience. Filter based on keywords, time or any combination of a limitless number of parameters. You can also fine-tune filtering parameters at any time.

Enriching Posts

Construct posts that drive follower engagement using the TS Platform’s Business Intelligence rules of any level of complexity. Imagine your posts as blank pages where, with the help of the TS Platform, you can configure rules specifying every detail. Customize aspects including – but not limited to – what pieces of content are included/excluded, the position of each piece of content, the characters included, and the post format.

Build your posts from a mix of sources

Create posts with ease through the combination of content from a variety of sources (your own content, content from third party sources or built-in databases).

Easily A/B test social media posts

With the TS platform, you can A/B test any publishing scenarios to evaluate and optimize a variety of post formats, call to action messages, number of links, post size, and much more.

Make your posts more actionable

Set up BI rules to add the most effective call to action messages to any post type, stimulating viewer activity based on your marketing goals.