You no longer need to guess what makes your audience respond most.

TS Platform optimizes content to target viewers to reach your marketing goals.

Will a specific post perform best on Facebook or Twitter?
Will a photo or link format promote higher user engagement?
Should the post have hashtags or not? What call to action messages will resonate with viewers?

With the TS Platform, you no longer have to guess. Our self-learning optimization algorithm makes it possible to implement strategies that your audience will best respond to.

Succeed through optimization of each aspect of your posts

With TS Platform, you can configure logics to publish posts at optimal volume and time, with the best format and call-to action messages to resonate with your audience.

Optimization algorithms

Whether you aim to maximize web-traffic from social media, raise brand awareness, or a combination of the two, TS Platform’s real-time self-learning optimization algorithms work 24/7 to enable you to achieve these goals.

A/B testing

Easily run A/B tests with an unlimited number of control variables, independent variables, and content to optimize post performance with TS Platform. Determine what post formats, call to action messages, special characters, and more will aid you to broaden your reach and achieve your marketing goals.