Publishing with ease and simplicity

The TS Platform provides you with all the publishing power you need to operate successful social media accounts.

TS Platform’s editorial calendar allows you to manage upcoming social media publications with ease.
Maximize brand visibility by delivering relevant content to your target audiences on multiple social networks.

Automatic publishing and one-click editing for multiple networks and accounts

Publish to multiple social networks and to an unlimited number of social media accounts, all in one click.

Instant publishing

TS Platform’s manual publishing capabilities allows you to publish content with ease, simplicity, and organization. Posts can be generated with one click using built in dynamic templates and easily modified content, making your posts stand out.

Links shortening

Easily integrate by connecting the TS Platform with your existing account in order to access click data in cumulative or individual level posts.

Message Level Insights

Understand what posts are successful with your viewers in terms of engagement, number of clicks, reach, and more. Track how individual posts perform in order to identify how posts are resonating with your viewers and strategize for broader reach in future posts.

UTM structure and modification

Set up BI rules or manually add tracking UTM codes to links. TS Platform is capable of automatically generating tracking codes of any complexity to provide you with the tracking information to improve your social media strategy.

Smart Scheduling

Scheduled publication of social media content saves you time and releases content at times that promote higher click through rate and user engagement. (See Scheduling Section).

Built-in Post approval

Easily manage your publications through flexible workflows. (See Team Collaboration section).