Streamline Team Workflow and Collaboration

Efficiently manage social media at scale

TS Platform streamlining features take care of team workflow management through flexible permission and approval structures so you can focus on your content strategy. TS Platform allows easily create user hierarchies, manage permissions and set up approval workflows.

Create roles and permissions

Determine what users can do and see. Easily manage cross-functional roles and secure your data. User-based publishing permissions on the profile level grant varying levels of access based on a user’s role.
TS Platform allows assigning any type of user roles – Admin, Editor, Content Creator, Moderator, View Only, etc – you can structure your team and clients for greater success in social media.

Set up approval flow and built-in message approval

Create flexible workflows that ensure each publication is approved by the relevant individuals to maintain quality and consistency.

Notifications and Alerts

Set real-time notifications and alerts of content that requires your attention.