Custom Solutions for Digital Agencies

Boost ROI for you and your clients by streamlining social media presence. Save time, budget, and resources on social media management.



We realize that attracting new clients might be a difficult tasks these days. There are many agencies on a market that are offering social media services. With TS Platform you will be able to stand out by providing professional, per-client customized social media solution with proven revenue driven results.

Make your and your clients’ social media marketing more efficient.

TS Platform can help your agency to save time, budget, and resources by automating daily social media publishing routine and getting the most value out of social media.

Easily create, curate and distribute content, efficiently manage multiple accounts, streamline workflow between team members, and show your clients how social media directly impacts the success of their business.

TS Platform empowers agencies to effectively manage their clients’ social media profiles:

  • Save up to 90% of time required to create, curate, and publish content to unlimited number of social media profiles.
  • Fill your clients’ timelines with continuous highly engaging and actionable content 24/7.
  • Create easily configured A/B tests to evaluate new publishing scenarios.
  • Streamline workflow and stay in full control.
  • Manage all social media profiles in one place.
  • Get better results and boost revenues from social media.

Get better results and boost revenues from social media:

  • Make every post to stand out: TS platform empowers you to engage your audience with content that is not only relevant, but also visually appealing and stimulating.
  • Make posts more actionable: Set up BI rules to add the most effective call-to-action messages to any post type, stimulating viewer activity based on your marketing goals.
  • Get higher ROI: TS Platform’s proprietary self-learning algorithm constantly boosts engagement, conversion, and clicks rates.

Streamline workflow and stay in full control:

  • One login for all social media accounts and profiles.
  • Control social media profiles access level by utilizing TS Platfrom’s roles and permissions infrastructure.
  • Permission based posts approval workflow. Any level of control over the publishing flow.
  • Review and adjust content scheduled for publishing with posting calendar.
  • Advanced analytics across all profiles and networks.

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