Social Media Solution for E-commerce

Boost sales through social media channels. Get maximum ROI from social media.

TS Platform’s social media solution for e-commerce has proven results of increasing conversion, sales and revenue for e-commerce.

TS platform can fit to any of your sales strategies. Whether you publish your own content or mix it with relevant third party content, TS Platform will help you to create the most effective posts to boost your sales through social media.

With just a few easy set-up steps, TS Platform will execute BI logics for generating and publishing posts. The publishing flow produced by TS Platform can help you to boost sales, acquire and retain clients, and increase brand awareness.

TS Platform empowers you to:

  • Easily find and publish curated content relevant to your audience
  • Incorporate your in-stock inventory to relevant posts with direct one-click purchase option
  • Effectively promote your inventory and branded content

E-commerce companies that utilize TS Platform solution boost sales through their social media profiles.

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