Tailored Social Media Solution for Nonprofits

TS Platform provides an effective solution that helps non-profits to leverage social media for cause awareness, engagement with stakeholders, fundraising and advocacy.

Get a special price for your non-profit. We sincerely appreciate the efforts invested by non-profit organizations to make our world a better place to live in. Contact us today – you may be qualified for significant price discount or even free service. Let’s join our efforts in bettering people’s lives!

With TS Platform you can maximize your marketing goals:

  • Effectively spread the word about your cause
  • Keep your supporters constantly engaged
  • Acquire new supporters
  • Effectively create and promote donations requests, volunteering opportunities, and up-coming events
  • Convert your social media posts into calls to action

Effectively spread the word about your cause:
TS Platform’s self-learning optimization algorithms work 24/7 enabling you to reach the maximum audience and make your social media posts to stand out.

Keep your supporters constantly engaged:
TS Platform will find and share high quality content that resonates with your target audience.

Acquire new supporters:
Increased number of shares and other types of fans interactions with your posts will make your posts visible for more people. Some of them will convert to your supporters.
TS Platform empowers you to create effective dripping campaigns with bold call-to-action messages that help to spread the word about your cause and bring more supporters.

Effectively create and promote call-to-action messages:
TS Platform empowers you to create effective dripping campaigns that promote donations requests, volunteering opportunities and up-coming events. With minimum efforts your social media profiles will publish unique messages that are textually and visually resonate with your audience.

Convert posts to actionable ones:
TS Platform is easily configurable to automatically incorporate call-to-action messages within curated/own content to create actionable messages

Non-profits that utilize TS Platform solution experience significant increase in users’ interactions, volume of donations and number of volunteers coming from their social media profiles.


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